Covid 19 Measures

We are ready!

As it has been our main characteristic to offer our guests services with the highest quality standars, now with new normality we keep during our daily practices our commitment to health and well-being of our guests and workers. Current Covid-19 pandemic faces us with a great and unique challenge which is to guarantee well-being and safety of everyone inside the hotel. That is why in order to limit potential impact of this virus in hotel operations, personnel and mainly protect our valuable guests, we have implemented strict biosafety protocols in addtion to our strict and detailed normal cleaning controls.

What new practices are we executing?

  1. All our staff has been trained to prevent the spread of virus. This training process will be updated day by day so that hygiene remains a priority for everyone.
  2. At the moment, all “high contact areas” (door handles, light switches, telephones, TV remote controls, etc) are treated with additional amounts of special disinfectant.
  3. Rooms are cleaned and disinfected according with all new authorities’ health requirements.
  4. Security measures recommended by OMS has been implemented so that guests and luggages upon their arrival and before coming inside hotel will pass through a sanitization processes.
  5. It is mandatory using gloves and mask that covers mouth and nose to assist and welcome our guests.
  6. We have exclusive containers for solid waste as well as bags for management and removing garbage.
  7. All high contact areas have available alcohol gel. Our staff are applying it constantly.
  8. In social and common areas like dining room, bar, terrace it is mandatory keeping one meter distance between person to persons. This procedure includes our staff. (Also tables are located with a separation of 2 meters).

Cleaning Services

  1. When arrive and come inside our facilities,  all rooms  will be delivered duly cleaned, desinfected and sanitized according authorities’ health requirements.
  2. In each one of our rooms, guests will have available hand sanitizer .
  3. Hotel staff as it is our normal procedure will clean out each room. They will use  disinfectants  such as 0,1%  sodium  hypochlorite  or  70% alcohol to clean  high contact  objects, surfaces and materials.
  4. Sheets and towels used by one guest will not be shared with  another guest.  According  with number of nights of stay, a package  with the corresponding items will be assigned.   This procedure will guarantee stock and adequate hygiene of each room.
  5. Common areas as  hallways,  dining room, bar,  terrace  are being constantly disinfected and re-equipped with alcohol gel for hands.

Breakfast Services

  1. Normally we have very strong hygiene standards but now those have been reinforced mainly for food preparation  taking special care of details like short nails, proper use of hot water, selected soaps, alcohol gel, etc.
  2. Temporarily and until further notice, Buffet Breakfast Service will not be available as before.
  3. As breakfast options American – Continental will be served daily.   These breakfasts will be varied according to menus and criteria of
  4. On spaces  assigned to serve breakfast,  it will be guaranteed that no more than 30% of  capacity  will be used.  Every chair is  located one meter from  the others.  There must be no more than 4 guets in an area of 10 square meters.
  5. Assistance of our staff will be also considering recommended distance of 1 meter.
  6. Guests have their  option  to  take breakfast in dining area or inside their rooms.

Transfer In - Out Services

  1. All our team of drivers have been updated about hygiene and biosafety protocols for care and treatment of our guests during arrival and/or departure transfer services.   Also for them it is mandatory using safety suit, mask and gloves.
  2. All vehicles used for these type of services will have an internal separation between driver and passengers.
  3. As part of transportation services, luggage will be disinfected before it is placed inside each car.
  4. Also, every vehicle  will have alcohol gel available for its passengers’ use.
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