requirements for tourists visiting Galapagos

Requirements to Visit Galapagos (Updated to May 2021)

We update the requirements for tourists visiting Galapagos:


1 .- Negative result of a PCR * test of -maximum- 96 hours prior to the trip, counted from the collection of the sample.

2.- Safe conduct managed by a tour operator or by accommodation regulated by the Ministry of Tourism.

3.-Acquire the transit control card at the counter of the Galapagos Government Council (Quito or Guayaquil Airports)

4.- Pay the entrance fees to the Galapagos National Park.

5.-Comply with biosecurity measures: use of a mask, hand washing and social distancing.


If you come to Quito before going to Galapagos, here at Casa Joaquín Boutique Hotel, we help you to do the PCR test at the hotel so that you can leave in peace. And if you come to Quito after visiting Galapagos, we help you manage your test to return to your country, if it is a necessary requirement.


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