What to do in Quito?

What to do in Quito? Bird watching, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, tubing, climbing, are some of the different adventure activities close to Quito. Our Partner Avidventure Travel Agency will help you in organizing trips in and around the city covering every detail as possible. Just imagine Quito are surrounded by eleven volcanoes, active and not active ones. Just one hour in private transport, you are at Choco Andes Cloud forest, with and incredible birds concentration. Also as a mountain city, Quito is a very nice to discover on bike, is important to be very smart to go in bike, because the car drivers doesn’t respect the bike people. For the mountain climbing lovers, Quito´s surrounding volcanoes and mountains provide a magnificent training center, with eleven mountains over 4000 meters like Cotopaxi, Antisana, Illinizas, Sincholagua, Rumiñahui, Cayambe, Guagua and Rucu Pichincha, Corazon, Atacazo, are a few of the very nice mountains who surround Quito.
what to do in quito
what to do in quito
It is very important to know Quito is the main base for the major Adventure tour operators in Ecuador, so is the best place to start your adventure tour in Ecuador. Quito is just 1 hour and a half from Amazon basin, so the amazon rivers who born in the Northeast Andes of Ecuador run strong and fast from the highland to the amazon rainforest, creating a very nice place for rafting practice, in 2005 the Chaco and Quijos rivers located to the northeast of Quito was the trail rivers for 2005 World Rafting Championship. It means you will ride world class rivers in your kayaks and boats, is and amazing and stunning area, not massive tourist developed and it´s better to keep in that way to avoid the community changes. We recommend Quito as your adventure travel main base enjoy it and discover this andes treasure.
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Historic Center - Churches - Cathedrals - Squares

What to do in Quito and also known as “Reliquary of Art in America”. The Historical Center of Quito has been a Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1978 and has several attractions that make it unique: some plazas that show its architecture of the past, streets and churches very well lit and treasures that only you can discover! Some of the most famous independence battles and executions took place in the same squares where today tourists are walking.
Settled between Andean volcanoes, 2,800 meters above sea level, the Historic Center of Quito stretches for more than 320 hectares, becoming not only the largest Historic Center but also one of the most impressive artistic, historical and architectural jewels. The rich architecture is present within the churches and squares of the historic center. Quito is home to some of the most beautiful churches, decorated with impressive baroque and Gothic details.
This is the finest example of Latin American baroque architecture. The altars, pulpits, pillars, arches are all covered with gold leaf. The special features of the church are its baroque carvings – geometric shapes, flowers, fruit, garlands- plated with 23 carat gold.Address: Garcia Moreno y Sucre, Quito
Is the largest neo-Gothic cathedral in the Americas. With almost 100 meters of height, this is one of the most impressive churches in the country, especially for its viewpoint and cafe on the top floor, which allow a panoramic view of Quito.Address: Carchi y Venezuela, Quito.
 When you approach the Historic Center from the south of the city, you will be greeted by a beautiful tower with an elegant clock, part of the complex of Santo Domingo. If you visit the church Santo Domingo, do not forget to observe the charming Chapel of El Rosario.Address: Flores 150 y Bolívar, Historic Center, Quito
It is the largest architectural complex, existing in the historic centers of the cities of Ibero-America (consists of three and a half hectares). Without doubt, the Church of San Francisco is the greatest building of Colonial Quito.Address: Cuenca 477 y Sucre, Historic Center, Quito
Resembling a type of small bread (panecillo), this hill makes an excellent observation point over Quito and features La Virgen del Panecillo, a majestic sculpture that can be seen from any location in the city. Address: South side of the Historic Center, Quito
Is a beautiful street in the Historic Center of the city. Synonymous with gastronomy, handicrafts and entertainment, especially at night, it is one of the oldest street in Quito and has been nicely restored.  Address: Quito’s Historic Center
The visit to the cable car is obligatory if you want to enjoy spectacular views of the city and the volcanoes that surround Quito. The view from the top of Pichincha is great, and the trails are great to walk on. Address: Diego Utreras Hidalgo, Quito 
This monument commemorates the first Geodesic Mission of the French Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately, their magnetic measurements were flawed. GPS measures proved that the actual equator is located 250m from the monument (Intiñan Museum) Address: Manuel Cordova Galarza, Quito
If you are into visiting museums and learning about the local culture, this is a must. An amazing collection of Oswaldo Guayasamin’s works, plus you have his former house and workshop in the same complex. Address: Mariano Calvache & Lorenzo Chávez, Quito
Looking for rhythm, flavor and fun? In this area you will find many different options of entertainment like bars, discos, coffeshops, restaurants, cultural centers, live music shows and so much more. Address: “La Mariscal” is located between the Colon and Patria Avenues, Quito
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